Custom built electric cold pressure power washer


  • 5HP single phase motor
  • Pressure: 2000psi
  • Flow Rate: 15Lt/Min


Flow sensitive unloader valve for easy start of motor.

Optional Extras

24v remote start/stop operation.

Custom Built Mobile Diesel Engine Power Washer

  • Kubota 3 Cylinder Liquid Cooled Diesel Engine
  • Belt Driven W203 Interpump
  • Pump: Interpump
  • Pressure: 3000 PSI
  • Flow: 30L Per Min

Safety features include:  Auto Shutdown with low Oil Pressure, Engine Overheat and low fuel Engine, Auto speed control device, Compact unit with Anti Vibration rubbers for engine and electrical controls.

This power washer is designed for industrial use. This engine is economical to run with its toothed drive belt system it is practically maintenance free. Pump is cooled by incoming water flow.

Custom Built Electric Wall mounted unit

This unit is designed for warm water. It is a wall mounted unit fitted with anti vibration rubbers. This is suited for Industrial and Commercial use.

Custom Built Concrete Washing Unit

This is a unit we designed for washing down a concrete mixing machine used in the manufacturing of concrete blocks.

This machine conforms to modern day health and safety regulations. We used two high pressure pumps and motors that start in sequence, they feed water to spray bars. The washing unit proved to be quite successful and reduced the need to break away dried in concrete before production each day.

Industrial Triple Pump Power Washer Unit

This is one of our earlier designs. The Unit is Designed for warm water. It has 3 pumps designed to start on demand.

Please note a number of modifications have taken place to improve performance to this unit over the years. This can be the case with all custom built units.

Industrial Twin Burner Unit

This Twin Burner unit is fitted with one single high pressure pump. It is fitted with a 21 Litre 200 Bar Pump, but can be fitted with larger pump if required. Galvanised steel frame with easily removed panels for access. Motor Connected to pump with flexible rubber coupling.


  • Burner flame fail device with warning lights
  • Total Stop device
  • Auto Shut down device
  • System leaks shut down
  • Hour meter
  • Low Level water shut down