Model KM Classic 3.11


  • Single phase 2.2KW or 3HP
  • Pressure: 120 Bar
  • Flow: 11 L/Min


Delayed Total Stop,  1400 rev per minute motor, high-pressure detergent suction

Maer Avant Hot & Cold Power Washer

Three are three models to choose from (subject to availability)

  • Model 12/11, Pressure: 1700psi, FLow: 11L/min, Motor: 3HP,
  • Single phase supply: 230V.
  • Model 20/15, Pressure: 3000psi, Flow: 15L/min, Motor: 7.5HP,
  • Three phase supply: 230-400v
  • Model 20/21, Pressure: 3000psi, Flow: 21L/min, Motor: 10HP,
  • Three phase supply: 230-400v

Heavy duty painted black steel sub frame, with stainless steel cover. Fitted with 4 large robust wheels for tough terrain

Heavy duty High Efficiency burner.

31Lt fuel tank with low level sensor and warning light.

Steam stage with low pressure steam valve

High pressure chemical system.

24V controls with delayed stop.

 Optional Extra:

Low level water cut out protection.

Remote start/stop.

Timed shut down.

Maxflow Hot & Cold power washer

The Maxflow Hot & Cold power washer is a new addition to our product line. It is manufactured here in Ireland and is available in 3 models at the moment. There are 2 single phase versions and one three phase version available. It is constructed of heavy-duty steel sub frame, treated with power coated paint and heavy-duty stainless-steel cover.

  • Heavy-duty single-phase motor and pump.
  • High efficiency burner
  • Flow sensitive flow control valve fitted to the 4 HP model
  • Timed delay off auto shut down.
  • Large 12Lt water storage tank
  • Low level diesel shut down.
  • Steam stage with low pressure steam valve.

3 HP model

Pressure 1700psi 11Lt/Min single phase.

4 HP model

Pressure 2000psi 12Lt/Min single phase.

7.5 HP model

Pressure 3000psi 15Lt/Min three phase.